Made-To-Order Mondays: Ganchill-O Buddies

MTO Spotlight is a year-long feature on ‘Kyaru and Bunnies’ which aims to highlight Filipinas who are dedicated to bringing the long-ignored art of crochet back to the Philippines. If you or someone you know would like to be featured on this blog, please send your details to

Many thanks to today’s interviewee, Grace of Ganchill-O Buddies! From one avid crocheter to another, my hat’s off to you, Mommy Grace! For those who are disheartened by other people who don’t appreciate our craft, read on and be inspired ^.^

Ganchill-O Buddies

WIP Wednesdays: May 2 Yarn Haul!

As I may have mentioned before, I went to my first yarn event last Saturday (if your memory is a bit hazy, take a little detour over here) and in a word, it was fantabulous. The people, the conversation, the lemonade – Ahhh, I can’t wait to go to the next one!

But of course, the MAIN reason for going to any yarn sale is the yarn. And oh, were there choices. I purposefully took just enough money for what I needed to buy, because I just knew I was going to have a hard time choosing.

Smart move on my part, but…Well, a haul is a haul is a haul!

DSC_0604The purple Kipling on the right was my trusty yarn bag, and I was able to stuff all of the above into it. My husband says I pack like a boss… Actually, he said ‘burglar’ but I heard ‘boss’, because I fit all that into one bag, and that takes serious skillz.


20% Nylon, 30% Wool, 50% Acrylic / 50g, 164y / Php 45

I got this pretty peach-pink skein from Yarn Shack for free, because I bought the ergonomic hook set (bottom left of the top picture). The handles are made out of the same resin that is used for Clover brand hooks. I can’t say yet if they’re better than the generic aluminum set, but that’s  because I’ve only made the one hat this week. I do love the grip, though I wish it was longer (I’ve got bigger hands than most).


Alize Diva (Batik) / 100% Microfiber Acrylic / 100g, 383y / Php 290

I’ve looked around, and I can confidently say that only Kurazu Online Shop (also known as Yarns Kurazu Rumeka) stocks the Alize brand. As a matter of note, it’s pronounced a-liz, like “a-liz ka diyan” (XD!), and not a-liz-Ay, like the drink. These yarns are imported from Turkey, which is why they’re a little more expensive. But I don’t even care because look at those colors! Asdfghjkl!!!

I may have weirded Kurazu out a little because I literally said “Take my money!” (Sorry, girl >.<) In my defense, I had been thinking it all day ever since I saw her booth because those colors had me slavering like a dragon in front of a treasure pile. Yeah, I said ‘slavering’.


These two are light fingering-weight to me, and will find new lives as scarves. I’ve even found the perfect patterns. As always, I’m wary to working with such a small hook size, but hopefully I can get over it so I can use these beauties.


Alize Cotton Gold (Batik) / 55% Cotton 45% Acrylic / 100g, 361y/ Php 290

These colors are gorgeous, gorgeous I say! I love their soft pastel hue, and I wish I had bought more. I will buy more, come the next yarn sale!

DSC_0321 DSC_0323

This supremely soft sport-weight yarn is perfect for baby things. Even at this moment, I’m flipping through my magazines and scouring Ravelry’s very bones for the perfect patterns. I also have to the consider the weather, which is absolutely brutal right now. It’s storm weather without the storm, just dropping the humidity everywhere without even the promise of rain. Poor Houdini is taking two baths a day now.


Alize Burcum and Batik / 100% Acrylic / 100g, 250y/ Php 250

If I were to choose only one kind of material to make hats out of, it would be this worsted-weight yarn. It’s amazingly soft and workable. If I were a braver person, I’d have hooked this up immediately. But I’m not, so I’m content to rub my cheek against it when I’m bored.

Note to self: Must find more hat designs!


Alize Burcum and Batik / 100% Acrylic / 100g, 250y/ Php 250

The obligatory purple yarn. I don’t really favor purple all that much, but it reminds me of my brother. This is a nice pastel shade mixed with a soft grey, so whatever I make can be used for either of us. That is, if I don’t fall in love with it first!

I can already tell that I’m going to have a lot of trouble selling my FOs if this is the kind of yarn I’m using, hahahaha.


Hand-dyed Yarn / 100% Cotton/ 200g, 150y/ Php 200

Of course I couldn’t go to a yarn sale hosted by Crafty Yarn Paws without getting anything from her! I had already pre-ordered these beauties before the sale, so I just had to pick them up. The colors could not be any more vibrant: Cacao, Cheesecake and Old Rose. I love Old Rose, surprising because I don’t usually go for shades of pink, but I seriously can’t wait to work with this. I could probably make a dozen hats of this color and I wouldn’t get tired of it.


Big Floral Buttons, Php 40 for 10 pcs. / Doodle Buttons, Php 30 for 10pcs.

I love buttons. I looooooove theeeeeem. These particular ones are from The Yarn Traveler and to tell the truth, I bought them before anything else. If I weren’t so obsessed with yarn right now, I’d be collecting buttons. I really may have been a dragon in another life, given how devoted I am to maintaining and growing a hoard. It used to be stamps, now it’s yarn, soon it’ll be buttons!

I’m so glad I’m working with new kinds of yarn. It makes me feel like I’m slowly growing as a crocheter because I’ve lifted my no-acrylic rule. Depending on the results after I’ve already made something, Alize may become my go-to acrylic.

Have I made you lust after some of these yarns? Don’t worry, the online shops’ links will be down below. If you missed the chance to go to this sale (and are wondering why I keep raving about lemonade), drop by the next Yarn ‘n Lemonade event, which will be July 4th. I’ll definitely be there, and I hope you will be too. For further details and to keep up-to-date on any new developments, please drop by Crafty Kitten Paw’s website. Whether or not you end up buying some yarn while you’re there is completely up to you ^.^

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Update: Due to Real Life, Yarn N’ Lemonade events have been postponed. This is such a huge bummer because the ladies behind it are phenomenal and I love spending time with them. Never fear though, we’ll find a way to ride again!

Made-To-Order Mondays: Yarn At Heart

MTO Spotlight is a year-long feature on ‘Kyaru and Bunnies’ which aims to highlight Filipinas who are dedicated to bringing the long-ignored art of crochet back to the Philippines. If you or someone you know would like to be featured on this blog, please send your details to

Many thanks to today’s interviewee, Nix of Yarn At Heart! She’s another mommy who has found her calling in crochet. Read on for her inspiring story!

MTO Spotlight 2

Stay tuned tomorrow for my big stash unveiling, as well as a few fun announcements (hint: they’re yarn sale-related!), and be sure to come back next week for another installment of Made-To-Order Mondays. Thanks for reading!

Yarn ‘N Lemonade: My First Yarn Event!

It was promising to be a hot, sticky day. TV broadcasters had the temperature at a sweltering 39 degrees centigrade. Not exactly a day to be out and about.

But nothing was going to dampen my spirits. There was a yarn sale waiting for me!

The Yarn ‘N Lemonade sale, held on May 2, had been in the works for two months. I was beyond excited for this; not only would I be spending the day with Renee Rose from The Yarn Traveler, but I would be meeting the brilliant beauties behind three other local yarn shops and I would be completely surrounded by gorgeous wonderful yarn. It was a fiber-fanatic’s dream come true.


I nearly went right past this. How awesome is this giant star?

I arrived early, but I still wasn’t the first on the scene. There were already a few dedicated yarn souls looking through the colorful bounty displayed by our hosts. Words completely fail me at this time, so I’ll let my pictures speak for me!


Here’s Renee Rose from The Yarn Traveler, thoroughly enjoying her line of Spectra Ombre Hand-dyed yarn


The very sweet Annlyn of Yarn Shack and her supportive other half


Our saucy winding queen, Karen of Crafty Kitten Paws! She worked hard all day, winding that mountain of finicky Vigan yarn into soft caked perfection


Carmelle Lou of Yarns Kurazu Rumeka not only brought the lion’s share of yarn on display, but she inspired me to try my hand at amigurumi!

Speaking of ‘yarn on display’, take a gander at these beauties!

DSC_0501 DSC_0509 DSC_0528DSC_0499  DSC_0506DSC_0520 DSC_0513 DSC_0514  DSC_0527  DSC_0536   DSC_0553 DSC_0540 DSC_0543


Even Lady Imana came by! Imana provides knitting workshops that are completely off the hook (if you catch my drift ^.^)

We were having so much fun, the hosts decided to extend their sale til 4pm! It was a happy get-together of yarn enthusiasts, with the best company a girl could ask for (and the yummiest lemonade that was finished far too quickly).

I was fortunate enough to stay until the very end, just so I could listen in on their post-sale meeting. I’m prohibited from disclosing more, but I can say that we’re going to have a very interesting year ahead.

This Wednesday, instead of my WIPs (which are still WIPs, boohoo), I’ll be posting my awesome haul from the sale, as well as a few announcements from Crafty Kitten Paws, The Yarn Traveler, Yarn Shack and Yarns Kurazu Rumeka. Stay tuned!

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Have some cute!

I was going to post some big wordy post today, about how my heart is torn in two. Less dramatic than it sounds, really… But honestly, how am I supposed to choose between the lushness of yarn and the sparkle of makeup?!

But that’s a story for another time. For today, let me finally show off my beautiful baby girl! DSC_0738 DSC_0824 DSC_0830 DSC_0876 DSC_0605DSC_0642DSC_0699DSC_0461 DSC_0469 DSC_0478 DSC_0554 DSC_0564

I’m such a sucky photographer, but that doesn’t take away from the cuteness on the other end of the lens. That’s all I have for this week, I hope to have more cuteness in store for the next!

Two Scarves and a Sunburn

March is only half-over and I’ve got two projects done already! Must be that (Inter)national Crochet Month magic! So now, without further ado, let me present some scarf candy for your eyes.

spotlight seafoam

What was once this…

Seafoam Cowl

… is now this!

This is just a lovely pattern (Lion Brand’s Cardiff Cowl for any Ravelry users out there) which worked up super quick, even for a n00b like me. Full disclosure: I used a 5.5mm hook instead of a 5.0mm like the pattern calls for because I wanted it to be more loose and airy.  The Baguio Cotton Sheen was a soft and lovely dream to work with and I’m sure my future sis-in-law will be quite pleased with this. I’ve still got half a ball of this color left, and it’s a toss-up whether I whip up a matching hat or if I make a little something for Houdini.

Colorbright Infinity Scarf

Look at those colors! But not too long, because they might blind you >.<

One of the great things about having a Ravelry account is you have a place to document when you started a particular project. If ever I needed confirmation that I’m not the world’s fastest crocheter, this scarf is it. It’s actually the perfect beginner’s pattern because you really get to practice your single crochet stitch and your double treble stitch and your patience. This Summer Infinity Scarf is perfect for our hot and humid weather, especially in a lightweight bamboo modal yarn. It’s so great that it inspired me to make some summer-appropriate patterns of my own but I’ve got to buy more yarn first!

As for the sunburn, I was outside in the sun for most of yesterday, Houdini-free might I add. Being born and raised in a desert climate, you would think I wouldn’t sunburn so easily. Wrong-o!

Since I was standing under a tree in midday, the sunburn is so much more noticeable on the shoulder that wasn’t under the tree, leading to some serious uneven coloring. Will be posting a picture later on, but trust me it’s hilarious once the baby oil has been rubbed on and my skin stops screaming. The suckerpunch is that I don’t peel, ever. That means my shoulders will be like this for at least a year.

Funzies right? How about you, have any experiences with scarves or sunburn this month?

Yarn Hoard Friday!

I said I would post when it came and here it is!

DSC_0603 Name Tagged

Look at them! I just wanna roll in their colors and love them forever!

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • Local Hand-dyed Cotton in Yellow Yolk
  • Local Hand-dyed Cotton in Ocean
  • Local Hand-dyed Cotton in Pink Frosting
  • Local Hand-dyed Cotton in Tablea
  • Baguio Cotton Sheen in Earth
  • Baguio Cotton Sheen in Blonde
  • Baguio Cotton Sheen in Seafoam
  • Abaca Fiber in Tan

For those not in the know regarding the local yarn scene here in the Philippines, let me just give a little breakdown.

Crocheting used to be a big deal in my grandmother’s time, but like other handicrafts, it has fallen by the wayside in these modern times. Happily it’s been making a comeback, with online yarn stores and crochet groups available for all to see (and join) on Facebook. The bulk of craft yarn comes from Baguio, where the colder temperatures make shawls and beanies items of necessity, instead of mere fashion statements. There are many types, Cotton Sheen being one of the more uncommon ones, but supply is always one message away so they are the cheapest brand available. The ones I’ve handled before were of a different line (acrylic or rough cotton, I’m not sure) and weren’t really baby clothing appropriate, but Cotton Sheen is much smoother with a lustre that appeals to the magpie in me. As of right now, I don’t have a solid plan for either of the colors that I bought, but I’m on the lookout for something fun and wearable. I’m hoping Blonde works out as my baby girl’s birthday dress, but I’m still searching for a pattern.

Abaca Fiber, also known as Manila hemp, is also sourced from Baguio. It’s very sturdy and surprisingly shiny, but it tangles up oh so easily. I know because there’s a huge mess of it on my lap now. It’s a lesson in patience, it really is. My plans for this will be coasters, many, many coasters for my many, many in-laws. Gotta get a head start on those Christmas gifts if I’m making them by hand!

The mass shipping Baguio yarn aside, the making of local hand-dyed cotton is also taking off, though there are only a few who make them so far. The ones that I have were from the magical hands of Crafty Kitten Paws (awesome name, right?) and they smell delightful. Since they’re handmade, this kind of yarn is more expensive than the first, but not by much if you really want quality stuff. For these sweet-smelling fancies, I’ve got some solid plans : Ocean and Pink Frosting will find new lives as friends’ birthday scarves; Yellow Yolk and Tablea will somehow be crafted into a chevron baby carrier. I lie tell not, Houdini is the reincarnation of a baby koala bear and my arms can’t handle it anymore. I may have to make my own design up though, since there aren’t any baby carriers available on Ravelry.

Fortunately for me (but unfortunately for my bank account), a friend of mine owns the online yarn store that all these babies come from. There are quite a few local shops like these here in the Philippines, but they basically all sell the same thing. My friend is doing her best to stand out from the pack, and so far she’s doing very well. The store’s name is The Yarn Traveler and, joy of joys, she’s unveiling a new line of CKP’s ombres and pastels this weekend. And guess who’s naming them!

Anyway, If I’ve tempted anyone to visit either website to oogle at beautiful pictures of fiber fantasy, drop me a line so we can oogle together!

Soap-hoarding: More Fun In The Philippines

I do so love bubble baths! I used to take hour-long soaks back in the U.A.E., the hot water turning me red while I relaxed and read a book. In the Philippines though, it’s quite the luxury to own a bathtub in your home. I was at a loss on how to celebrate Jan 8 without actually having a bubble bath, when I remembered something sitting in the back of my closet.

2015-01-09 08.19.07

Yummy-smelling soaps!


Human Nature Exfoliating Bar in Vanilla

What can I say about Human Nature that hasn’t already been said by other beauty bloggers? I fell in love with this brand ever since I came to the Philippines, because you just can’t go wrong with something that’s organically-grown, locally-produced and 100% cruelty free. I’m a complete convert to their face washes and toners, but we only started trying their soap a month ago, namely the Aloe Fresh Cleansing Bar. I’ll be typing the review up soon, but I have to say, as handmade soaps go, it lasts quite a while.

This Exfoliating Vanilla variant does have an ever-so-delicate scent of vanilla about it, but its main attraction is the Luffa Cylindrica powder which gives it its exfoliating properties. Instead of the plastic microbeads found in regular bodywash, this soap actually contains a loofah, or the dried fibers of the Egyptian cucumber (which is the same thing). Environmentally-friendly scrubbing for the win!

Kala Milk Soap in Green Tea and Lemongrass

One of my resolutions this year is to write a traveler’s review of Munoz, Nueva Ecija. It’s a teensy town with lots to love, and I should know, what with it being my father’s hometown and all. This Christmas, I was so excited to discover a new thing about it: soap made from carabao milk!

Having indulged in the creamy sweet heaven that is carabao ice cream, I know that the good stuff doesn’t lack in fat content, which is excellent for moisturizing skin. From their website (found here), I gather that there’s also a high concentration of lactic acid (away with thee, premature wrinkles) as well as oat protein, which stimulates new growth and is soothing to the skin at the same time (so hopefully I don’t get any breakouts or redness). The Green Tea variant promises to ‘cleanse and protect the skin with its anti-bacterial properties’, while the Lemongrass variant says it’ll ‘help treat acne and other skin inflammations while being stimulating and refreshing.’

If I could use three bars of soap at the same time, I would. One at a time, K…

But I honestly can’t decide which one to start with! Any suggestions?

The Future Years + The Positivity Challenge


Plan for the future because that’s where you are going to spend the rest of your life.

– Mark Twain

4. Future years and positivity

Ola amigas! It’s time to break out December’s challenge and I am E-X-C-ited about this one. December is typically that time of year when we look back and wonder where all the time has gone. 2014 is shrugging on its old winter coat and 2015 is just waiting burst out from the closet. Are we ready for 2015 though? Well, by the end of this challenge, I’m sure I’ll be!

What does it entail?

The Future Years Challenge is inspired by the High Existence website’s list of 30-day challenges. I can’t put it any better than how it’s explained on the website: ‘Think of an accomplishment you’d like to achieve for each year of the next 30 years, a year each day.’ I’ll be doing it backwards, starting from Year 30 and then working my way down to 2015.

The Positivity Challenge probably sounds familiar since it’s been going around on Facebook. Every morning, to prevent the grouchies from settling in, write down three things that make you happy. Then, as your day progresses, recognize the negative thoughts and let them go, so you can keep that optimistic outlook up.

Why am I doing it?

I LOVE figuring out details! I’ve never looked as far ahead as thirty years into my future, but I think it’s an exercise that everyone should do at least once in their lives. This is essentially like creating your own road map, with signs and landmarks so you don’t use your way. I don’t remember most of the goals I had when I was a kid, which is a shame I think. I didn’t really plan to be where I am today, but I’m making the best of it and I know these challenges will help me along the way.

What do I hope to accomplish by the end of four weeks?

Who doesn’t want to be more positive? I did better than I expected last month, but I know I can do much better. My mood swings and temper tantrums were frequent last month, so this time, I hope to be able to stop them from occurring so often.

As for looking ahead and planning for the future, I’m looking forward to lots of planning. I’ve got a lot of dreams for myself and my family, so if I do a year a day, I can figure how to make all of them happen.

If you want to take any (or both) of these challenges on, leave me a little note down below so I can cheer you on! Good luck and happy days ahead!


Harry Potter MOTW: Best ‘Dumbledore Moment’

The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore

Borrowed from!

I do so love Harry Potter. So much so, that I almost hate J.K. for popularizing the idea of a magical school, because dammit, writing something similar would be like writing a rip-off. Yes, yes, I know there are other ideas, I just have to mine for them in the deep black recesses of my soul. In the meantime, I have my crossovers, which I look forward to writing aaaany day now. I also have Uncorked Thought’s Harry Potter MOTW, and this week is all about Dumbledore’s best moment.

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