Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. s02e07

“Corpse diem: Seize the dead.”

– Leo Fitz

“If you want something in life, you gotta grab it and walk out like you own it.”

 – Alphonse ‘Mack’ MacKenzie

And the best line of all:

“You want pain? Come and get some.”

– Phil ‘Motherfreaking Badass’ Coulson

On another, more depressing note, ABC canceled Selfie! Why is it always the good ones? And it was really shaping up to be a great series too. I can’t even process this right now. Bring Selfie back!

What I Thought About…


I watched this a few days ago and can only safely comment now. ‘Safely’ because, when I first watched this episode, it was the first time I actually wanted to flip tables (I get that meme now). I’m so happy Bones is back for its tenth season but, for serious, the pilot just ripped my heart out. Just thinking about it rings all the ‘Hell No’ bells in my mind, and if my body were so inclined, I would be shitting green right now (exec. producer Stephen Nathan’s words to The Hollywood Reporter).

If you want to put yourself through that torture  to understand what I’m going on about, check out the episode. If you want to rip that band-aid off right now and see what the cast has to say, click here for the ultimate spoiler. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now Watching: New Fare Of 2014-2015

How do I know that Fall is here? Not by the beauty of the leaves turning, or that crisp autumn wind but by seeing new and old TV shows begin to pop up. It’s probably quite plebian to be excited over this BUT I CAN’T HELP IT, I TOTALLY AM! HELL YEAH!

That bubbly feeling of hyper-happiness that my beauty blogger friends feel when they see a MAC Limited Edition, I get that when I see all the series(es? what is this mystery plural?) premieres all lined up. Further proof that I’m not meant to be a beauty blogger, n’est-ce pas? Oh well. Here are the (continually updated) reasons I’ll be glued to my screen this fall 🙂

(Warning: Image-heavy)

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