Soap-hoarding: More Fun In The Philippines

I do so love bubble baths! I used to take hour-long soaks back in the U.A.E., the hot water turning me red while I relaxed and read a book. In the Philippines though, it’s quite the luxury to own a bathtub in your home. I was at a loss on how to celebrate Jan 8 without actually having a bubble bath, when I remembered something sitting in the back of my closet.

2015-01-09 08.19.07

Yummy-smelling soaps!


Human Nature Exfoliating Bar in Vanilla

What can I say about Human Nature that hasn’t already been said by other beauty bloggers? I fell in love with this brand ever since I came to the Philippines, because you just can’t go wrong with something that’s organically-grown, locally-produced and 100% cruelty free. I’m a complete convert to their face washes and toners, but we only started trying their soap a month ago, namely the Aloe Fresh Cleansing Bar. I’ll be typing the review up soon, but I have to say, as handmade soaps go, it lasts quite a while.

This Exfoliating Vanilla variant does have an ever-so-delicate scent of vanilla about it, but its main attraction is the Luffa Cylindrica powder which gives it its exfoliating properties. Instead of the plastic microbeads found in regular bodywash, this soap actually contains a loofah, or the dried fibers of the Egyptian cucumber (which is the same thing). Environmentally-friendly scrubbing for the win!

Kala Milk Soap in Green Tea and Lemongrass

One of my resolutions this year is to write a traveler’s review of Munoz, Nueva Ecija. It’s a teensy town with lots to love, and I should know, what with it being my father’s hometown and all. This Christmas, I was so excited to discover a new thing about it: soap made from carabao milk!

Having indulged in the creamy sweet heaven that is carabao ice cream, I know that the good stuff doesn’t lack in fat content, which is excellent for moisturizing skin. From their website (found here), I gather that there’s also a high concentration of lactic acid (away with thee, premature wrinkles) as well as oat protein, which stimulates new growth and is soothing to the skin at the same time (so hopefully I don’t get any breakouts or redness). The Green Tea variant promises to ‘cleanse and protect the skin with its anti-bacterial properties’, while the Lemongrass variant says it’ll ‘help treat acne and other skin inflammations while being stimulating and refreshing.’

If I could use three bars of soap at the same time, I would. One at a time, K…

But I honestly can’t decide which one to start with! Any suggestions?


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