Harry Potter MOTW: Best ‘Dumbledore Moment’

The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore

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I do so love Harry Potter. So much so, that I almost hate J.K. for popularizing the idea of a magical school, because dammit, writing something similar would be like writing a rip-off. Yes, yes, I know there are other ideas, I just have to mine for them in the deep black recesses of my soul. In the meantime, I have my crossovers, which I look forward to writing aaaany day now. I also have Uncorked Thought’s Harry Potter MOTW, and this week is all about Dumbledore’s best moment.

Good old Dumbly-dor. A conniving old man, ’tis true, and one of the most recognizable characters in the book. I mean, who else has twinkly blue and a beard tucked into his belt? Very powerful, wielder of the Elder Wand, Voldermort’s sworn enemy and yet totally crushing on Grindelwald, which just proves that even the most venerable and seemingly impeccable of our peers may have some damn juicy love stories.

For me, the best ‘Dumbledore Moment’ would have to be ‘Alas, Earwax’. That scene defined  Dumbledore for me. Yes, he was MIA when the Golden Trio was getting knocked around by plants and chesspieces, as well as when Harry was facing the most literal example of a two-faced teacher. Yes, he let a high-security item be stored in the school, knowing full well that a deranged snake-nosed maniac and his merry band of followers might be after it. Getting a mouthful of earwax was karma!

It was also nice to see an adult on Harry’s side, not just physically there by his sickbed, but in the role of a guardian. Of course, afterward he becomes more like a distant uncle who then evolves into an ultimate Puppeteer form, but before all that weirdness was this one touching scene between him and The Boy Who Lived.

Alas! Earwax.


That’s it for this week. If you want to join in on the Potter fun, drop by Uncorked Thoughts and write away!


One thought on “Harry Potter MOTW: Best ‘Dumbledore Moment’

  1. Jenny says:

    Haha, if I had to think about it that would probably be my favourite Dumbledore moment too! It is the kind of line that takes me by surprise and makes me laugh out loud. It was Sad when Dumbledore was being all puppeteer-like towards the end 😦


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