Two Scarves and a Sunburn

March is only half-over and I’ve got two projects done already! Must be that (Inter)national Crochet Month magic! So now, without further ado, let me present some scarf candy for your eyes.

spotlight seafoam

What was once this…

Seafoam Cowl

… is now this!

This is just a lovely pattern (Lion Brand’s Cardiff Cowl for any Ravelry users out there) which worked up super quick, even for a n00b like me. Full disclosure: I used a 5.5mm hook instead of a 5.0mm like the pattern calls for because I wanted it to be more loose and airy.  The Baguio Cotton Sheen was a soft and lovely dream to work with and I’m sure my future sis-in-law will be quite pleased with this. I’ve still got half a ball of this color left, and it’s a toss-up whether I whip up a matching hat or if I make a little something for Houdini.

Colorbright Infinity Scarf

Look at those colors! But not too long, because they might blind you >.<

One of the great things about having a Ravelry account is you have a place to document when you started a particular project. If ever I needed confirmation that I’m not the world’s fastest crocheter, this scarf is it. It’s actually the perfect beginner’s pattern because you really get to practice your single crochet stitch and your double treble stitch and your patience. This Summer Infinity Scarf is perfect for our hot and humid weather, especially in a lightweight bamboo modal yarn. It’s so great that it inspired me to make some summer-appropriate patterns of my own but I’ve got to buy more yarn first!

As for the sunburn, I was outside in the sun for most of yesterday, Houdini-free might I add. Being born and raised in a desert climate, you would think I wouldn’t sunburn so easily. Wrong-o!

Since I was standing under a tree in midday, the sunburn is so much more noticeable on the shoulder that wasn’t under the tree, leading to some serious uneven coloring. Will be posting a picture later on, but trust me it’s hilarious once the baby oil has been rubbed on and my skin stops screaming. The suckerpunch is that I don’t peel, ever. That means my shoulders will be like this for at least a year.

Funzies right? How about you, have any experiences with scarves or sunburn this month?


5 thoughts on “Two Scarves and a Sunburn

    • Kyaru says:

      Thanks ^.^ Honestly, it takes me ages, working through the rows at night, long after the baby’s gone to sleep. The cowl was super quick though, and I think that’s because it has less than 100 stitches per round!


    • Kyaru says:

      Tellieeeee! I think basic crochet is part of the curriculum in some schools. My sis-in-law told me they used to pass in crochet projects, but she didn’t continue after she graduated.

      I might make this a crochet blog instead of a beauty blog, that’s how fun it is ^.^


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