For The Love of Garlic

I’ll admit it, I’m a garlic fanatic. Putting aside its host of medicinal properties, it just tastes damn good in anything. I could eat roasted garlic with a drizzle of olive oil and a loaf of bread any day! It’s also a staple in many Filipino kitchens, because ginisa wouldn’t be the same without it.

There is one thing that I hate about garlic though, and it’s peeling them. That thin papery white clove covering is the kusinera‘s bane. Additionally, the usual way of squashing them flat against the cutting board with a knife wastes all of the precious pungent juices and makes your fingers all sticky.

If you’ve got the same love-hate relationship with garlic, you’ll want to see this eye-opening vid. I didn’t believe it at first, but I tried it out yesterday and it worked! Bonus points: I got to shake out a little of the day’s frustration and have a delicious garlick-y barbecue afterwards.

The trick, I think, is in the amount of garlic and the size of the metal pot/bowl. Isn’t it amazing though? This is going to be my go-to when peeling garlic from now on.

Let me know whether you try it out!