WIP Wednesday + Unexpected Additions!

In keeping with my desire to be as productive as possible when it comes to crochet, I’ve got a few Works-in-Progress going on.


My first time making a doily, as well as working with such fine thread. I’m using 2-Ply Baguio Cotton Sheen in Blue, with an aluminum 2.00mm hook. The first time I held this hook, I was so scared I’d break it, but it’s a hardy ‘un. The pattern itself is simple once you get the hang of the thin hook, and I’m hopeful that I can finish this in time for FO Friday.


Now this monster of a project is going to be my mom’s Christmas gift: a waist-length bolero of my own design. I’m going to have to block this one to get the shaping right, and I’m wondering whether I should add cuffs when I’ve sewn the edges together.At any rate, I hope it’ll be comfy yet airy so my mom can wear it all year round.

Baguio Cotton Sheen‘s Earth has hypnotic jewel tones, which was the reason I bought it in the first place. The length and breadth that you see is made out of a 205g ball, with the 250g ball sitting on top of it. Since I just love the colors, I hope there’ll be enough left to make me a hat.


Alright, so maybe this one doesn’t count in the sense that I haven’t actually put hook to yarn yet but I’ve been planning this one ever since the start of the year, so it’s definitely going to happen. This one, Baguio Cotton Sheen in Blonde is going to be shaped up into my little girl’s birthday dress, and I’m cautiously hopeful that I’ve found the perfect design.

That’s it for WIP Wednesday 🙂

But wait! What about that unexpected addition? Can you guess what it is?


Did you see that coming?

I finally got my hands on some Japan Surplus yarn! And after I’d given up hope on ever finding one in my vicinity, whaaaaaaaaaat! I got my hands on some pretty plates as well, which will get much more screen time on the blog as props, but that’s not the best part.

All this, the plates, the six giant balls of yarn, only cost me 100 pesos!


Yes, they’re all acrylic, and there’s some slight smudging on the white ball, but come on! An absolute steal, and it was right at my doorstep all along. Such a beautiful surprise to lift my day up. If anyone wants to know where this particular store is, it’s next to the BPI Bank on the corner of Gemini St. and Alabang – Zapote Road. Fair warning though, they only have a small supply, and the storekeeper told me they wouldn’t be restocking any time soon.

What about you, have any good surprises lately? Crafting anything new?

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