FO Friday: Scarf, Booties and Hat!

For those not into knitting or crocheting (or crafting in general, I think), FO stands for Finished Object, that creation that you’ve spent hours on, frogging and remaking and getting cramps over. So worth it though, because it’s a great feeling when you’re finally looking at an FO and you know it’s a job well done.

Two weeks ago, I published my first FO post about what I had finished during the first two weeks of March. With two scarves under my belt, I was feeling pretty darn good about myself.

Imagine what I feel now that I’ve got THREE finished projects to show off! I’ll be able to justify another Yarn Traveler haul if I keep this up ^.^Pink Frosting BeanieI don’t usually like bright colors, but this one was too cheerful to pass up. Plus it was perfect for one of my Pay It Forward pledges because she loves pink. I used the Slouchy Crochet Hat pattern from Little Monkeys Crochet, but with a few tweaks to accommodate our (already!) humid weather. The pattern calls for 10ply, but I used 8ply to create a less bulky hat with a hole-y effect. Pink Frosting is a regular two-color variegated cotton yarn from Crafty Kitten Paws, a bit rough on the hands until maybe two-thirds into the ball, but perhaps that was just because of the dyeing process. Once my fingers got used to it, it was easy going and I finished this up in two and a half days.Ocean ShawlThis is my first lace project! Kyaaa, so proud of it. My mom saw it in its beginning stages and immediately asked me to make one for her as well, hahaha. This particular project was modeled after Undeniable Glitter‘s Sparkly Ocean Infinity Scarf. I actually loved the original because it had subtle color changes while still being mostly one color, so it wasn’t monotonous. Ocean  from CKP might look a little bit tamer, but the pattern is the real star.  This particular scarf is going to a friend that I made during my call center days, and because it’s only 6ply, I think it’s perfect for sunny weather outside and the full-blast air conditioning that we sometimes get at work. This yarn was also easier to work with than Pink Frosting; I didn’t notice any roughness, it was just soft and workable all the way through.

And now for the big finish, take a gander at these booties!

Ocean Booties Collage 1There was half of Ocean left after I’d finished the scarf, so I thought I’d make my daughter something.I had an existential crisis before making these, I swear. I was questioning my ability as a mother, a crocheter and a human being. Never before have I been so afraid of failing my daughter. My headspace was a continuous loop of “What if they’re ugly? What if they’re too small? What if she doesn’t like them?”

Turns out there was no need for such drama, because Houdini doesn’t like wearing anything on her feet anyway. She’s been kicking off socks and pulling off gloves ever since she was born, that’s why she’s nicknamed Houdini in the first place ^.^ Regardless, Tamara Kelly of Moogly fame should definitely be proud of her easy-to-follow pattern, Loopy Love Baby Booties. She’s got them in varying sizes as well, from newborn to toddler, so if you’re interested in making your little one a pair, drop by her blog!

So there’s my three finished projects for the second half of March. It may not be much, but it lights a creative fire under me! April’s just started, I wonder what I’ll be able to finished this month?

How about you, have you done anything creative this month? Does your kid like toddling around on her bare feet too?

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