Now Watching: New Fare Of 2014-2015

How do I know that Fall is here? Not by the beauty of the leaves turning, or that crisp autumn wind but by seeing new and old TV shows begin to pop up. It’s probably quite plebian to be excited over this BUT I CAN’T HELP IT, I TOTALLY AM! HELL YEAH!

That bubbly feeling of hyper-happiness that my beauty blogger friends feel when they see a MAC Limited Edition, I get that when I see all the series(es? what is this mystery plural?) premieres all lined up. Further proof that I’m not meant to be a beauty blogger, n’est-ce pas? Oh well. Here are the (continually updated) reasons I’ll be glued to my screen this fall 🙂

(Warning: Image-heavy)


Selfie (on ABC)

Is it shallow for me to want to see this picked up and continue on for a good four to five seasons? No it’s not, because even if it looks like eye candy, it purports to be something deeper than that- a satirical, in-depth look into the new cliques and trends that seem to be sweeping across the world. Personally, I just love looking at the beautiful Karen Gillan (who supposedly rocked it as Nebula on Guardians of the Galaxy, but I don’t know because I’m the schlump who hasn’t watched it yet) and I firmly believe that John Cho deserves a leading role on TV. The premiere was a bit flimsy for me towards the end, but I like it all the same, and I can’t wait to watch more!


Red Band Society (on Fox)

When something is usually tagged as ‘teen’-anything, I steer away from it. I’ve been burned by such fare as Twilight and the new Teen Wolf (Why take a perfectly fun thing and morph it into angst-fuel? WHY?). There’s a reason why we look upon our hormone-drenched years with a touch of horror and disbelief, and stuff like that isn’t helping. Red Band Society is like a breath of fresh mountain air and mint tea. You get your feels (it’s set in a hospital, of course there are feels) but it’s tempered with true bonding moments and flippant cynicism. Also, as I got my Wiki-Fu on, I found out that this is a remake of the Spanish TV show ‘Polseres Vermelles’. Good to know 🙂


Gotham (on Fox)

Okay, I’ll admit it: I never liked the new Batman movies. I still love watching the old Tim Burton ones, where Michelle Pfeiffer become the ultimate Catwoman and took over my soul with feels. I was also wary of watching this because I had seen The Flash premiere first and it turned out to be a one-dimensional bust. Jada Pinkett-Smith, I said to myself, I’m doing this for you.

Lo and behold, fears they be unfounded! Gotham showcases all those well-loved villains that we all know and despise, plus a few others only the true fans will know. I squeaked like a happy mouse when I recognized E. Nygma, experienced a darkly satisfying ‘Aha!’ moment when I heard the name Oswald, aww-d at a Poison Ivy just starting to bloom, and just plain wished I could pull off Fish Mooney’s hair. My favorite character has to be Selina Kyle (I may or may not have a girl-crush on the Catwoman persona), who is played by Camren Bicondova. She hasn’t a word of dialogue in the premiere episode, yet she still manages to be prominent in every scene she’s in. Overall, I think this is a great addition to the fandom and a bad-ass intro for us newbies.


Scorpion (on CBS)

I’ve loved my share of enigmatic yet emotionally under-developed geniuses (enter: BBC’s Sherlock and Alphas’ Gary Bell) so when I saw a show focusing on a whole bunch of them, I immediately added Scorpion to my must-watch list. One pilot episode later and I’m a touch more ambivalent. It was an action-packed episode to be sure, perhaps to catch the attention of the viewers, which meant less time focusing on the characters and their relationships. I have confidence that it’ll get better though, and this should be picked up, if not for a weekly glimpse into the oft-lonely life of misunderstood prodigies, then for the leading cast’s diversity. I especially appreciate the fact that their token misfit female is not Megan Fox-esque.


NCIS: New Orleans (on CBS)

‘Another police procedural?’, I can hear you exclaim. What is with our fascination for dead bodies, gang violence and ruggedly commanding silver foxes? I have no idea, but setting it in New Orleans means this edition is going to have a great jazz soundtrack and, if we’re lucky, some orgasmic pictures of food. The definitive part for my husband was the inclusion of That Guy from FF: Tokyo Drift (The Fast and the Furious franchise is one of his go-to faves). To each his own and all that.


The Strain (on FX)

This one’s been going on for a while and now has eleven episodes under its belt. It’s a bit slow going, but there’s a great zombie-vampire twist that I just could not pass up. More redemption from the sparkly carnage of this generation’s love affair with the Romantic, Guilt-ridden, Leather-wearing Vampire (Does my irritation show? I just feel a need to shout: Angel and Spike were IT, everyone else just comes a distant, distant second).  Those who loved The Walking Dead are really going to appreciate this one.


Forever (on ABC)

When Dr. Henry Morgan first dropped his deductive skillz to hit on a cellist, my first reaction was “Noo, they’re trying to do another Sherlock Holmes!” Can one even have too many Sherlocks? It was like watching the Elementary Pilot all over again. There’s just something about someone who looks at your watch or the turn of your trousers and then just suddenly spouts a random fact about you. The folks at the BAU may have brewed up their behavioral analysis lingo but come on, once you slap a British accent on it, that stuff is straight up Sherlock.

I stuck with it for two reasons: 1) I missed Judd Hirsch and he needs to stay on air 2) Joel David Moore, who plays the dryly pessimistic intern on Bones (another long-lasting favorite), is Dr. Morgan’s assistant (yaaay).  Now a few episodes in, I’m so pleased that I stayed around. The cast has solid chemistry and the love story of our good doctor and his lady is sufficiently intruiging.

There’s so much more coming up, and I may write another post about upcoming series that have gotten their foothold on a few seasons (Supernatural, Grimm and Person of Interest; I’m nearly foaming at the mouth from the giddiness), but if you’re interested in seeing what other new fare TV has to offer this autumn, just bookmark this page for future updates.

What about you, what’re you watching right now? Any recommendations?


Edit: Added Forever, don’t know how I missed that.

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