Celebrate!: The Frolics of December

Merry Meet, friends and travelers! Welcome to the second edition of Celebrate: The Frolics of December!

frolics of december

‘Tis the season once again. How time flies past…but not fast enough, if you believe the people on TV. Here in the Philippines, the nationwide countdown starts by late September. Shopping malls start unearthing their decorations and mothers everywhere follow suit. I think we’re compensating for the lack of snow.

Personally, I’m ambivalent about the whole thing, and my dislike of crowds makes me want to avoid celebrating altogether. I nearly even forgot my birthday this month! But no matter because good ol’ December marks the end of a very exciting year for me, and 2014 deserves a nice big send off.

So, to get myself into a more jubilatory¬†mood, I figured I’d see what else was being celebrated. Here’s what I found:

  • World Aids Month
  • Spiritual Literacy Month
  • Safe Toys and Gift Month
  • Tie Month
  • Exotic Fruits Month
  • Tropical Fruits Month
  • Worldwide Food Service Safety Month
  • Bingo Month
  • Write-A-Friend Month
  • National Write-A-Business Plan Month

Check these fun dailies out too!

  • Dec. 03 – Make-A-Gift Day
  • Dec. 05 – Comfort Food Day
  • Dec. 07 – Letter-Writing Day
  • Dec. 08 – Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day
  • Dec. 11 – International Mountain Day
  • Dec. 13 – Violin Day
  • Dec. 16 – Chocolate-Covered Anything Day
  • Dec. 18 – Roast Suckling Pig Day
  • Dec. 21 – International Dalek Remembrance Day
  • Dec. 22 – Date Nut Bread Day
  • Dec. 24 – Eggnog Day
  • Dec. 27 – Fruitcake Day
  • Dec. 29 – Get On The Scales Day
  • Dec. 31 – Make Up Your Mind Day

So there you have it. Now, regardless of what you choose to celebrate this month, go out and enjoy yourself! Let’s end 2014 with a bang!


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