Harry Potter MOTW: Least Favorite Book

The cover is fabulous, but I’m sorry Fawkes, I just can’t love this book! (Warning: numerous HP references ahead)

Thanks to the amazing Hayley at A Stitch To Scratch for opening my eyes to a fantastic new feature on one of my favorite subjects: Harry Potter. I kid you not, I am an avid rabid fan of the Golden Boy and his posse, so discovering the Harry Potter Moment of the Week gave me the emotional equivalent of a Fizzing Whizbee.

Anyway, down to this week’s big question: Out of the heptalogy (it’s a legit word, you learn something new everyday), which one is my least favorite book?

As is obvious by the flaming bird, my choice is the fifth book. It marked the beginning of the end for me, and not just because Voldemort stepped out of his cauldron at the end of the Goblet of Fire. Harry is coming into his feels IN A BIG WAY in this book, and by that I mean J.K.’s capslock was stuck while she was typing up most of that book. I know that teens and their hormone-derived emotions are inseparable– heck I was a regular Moaning Myrtle. The way Harry was depicted in this book was too much for me though. Once I saw the first page with all caps dialogue, I knew that it had taken a bad turn. By the end of the book, I knew I definitely didn’t want to read the rest, because the focus was no longer on the magical world, it was on Harry. Harry and the potential for his depressive feels to compound and take over the entire story line. From then on, it was just a question of constancy: Should I finish the heptalogy just because I stuck with it from the beginning? Did I want to see Harry constantly lose his nut? Even worse, did I want to see the beautiful world of wizardry be painted dark by the change of flow in the story?

Perhaps it’s because I’m a depressive. I don’t want to internalize someone else’s negative emotions, I’ve got too many of my own!

To end, let me leave you with my morning epiphany: the lightning bolt has been doing its rounds. I was thinking of the title page of the movies where, against a dark background, Harry’s name and scar zooms in towards the camera.  Coincidentally, that is also the title page of a Power Rangers movie and on every piece of AC/DC memorabilia ever. Shazam and The Flash also wore this symbol way back in the 1940s and 1950s, with Barry Allen making a comeback on the living room screen this fall (not one of my gotta-watch picks though, I get all my superhero kicks out of Gotham). And of course, let’s not forget that the all-time heavyweight champion bearer of this symbol is none other than the Big Guy on the Mountain, Zeus. I’m sure there are other gods, but he’s the one that comes to mind first.

Ever think that it’s his way of staying present in our hearts and minds? Athena may be making a comeback in her own way and Hermes has firmly tagged himself in the medical field, but as of right now, the ruling mark is that jagged scar on The Boy Who Lived.

Makes you wonder how the other divinities have been maintaining their visibility in today’s world.

4 thoughts on “Harry Potter MOTW: Least Favorite Book

  1. Jenny says:

    “…the emotional equivalent of a Fizzing Whizbee.”
    I love it!

    I think many people died a bit inside when Rowling’s keyboard malfunctioned, it probably even made a few of them want to be the cause of malfunction in Harry’s head… with the hard end of a broomstick and repeatedly.


  2. Jenny says:

    Haha, I just came across this post and started reading it (not realising it was the same one as before) and had the exact same reactions:

    “Ha! “the emotional equivalent of a Fizzing Whizbee”… love it!…hehe “capslock was stuck”, such a good description! Potter’s shouty feels were so annoying!”

    Followed by a distinct feeling of familiarity 😛


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