The Newbie Blogger Awards! (Part 4)

Part 4??? I made a commitment and stuck to it! Hooraaaaaaaaaaaay! Let me celebrate!

*blows the cobwebs off*

Dealing with a house full of sick adults is not a fun situation to be in, especially when I’m trying to field those evil germs from my little girl. And it wasn’t even my house, so as I hacked and sneezed my way through an entire roll of kitchen tissue, my computer and blog languished here. Nevertheless, with an awful cough, a headache-y husband and a sniffles-stricken baby, I RETURN!

A big apology to my Blogging201 classmates, who were nice enough to drop by my blog last week. Don’t worry guys, I’ll catch up soon!



So Happy!

Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve done so far:

  • Thank the blogger/s who have nominated you for the award
  • Share (insert number here) facts about yourself
  • Answer the nominating blogger/s questions
  • Pass it on to (insert number here)
  • Ask your own soul-searching (or not) questions for your nominees to answer

So now we draw close to the conclusion of my first multi-post. Therefore, it’s time for some introspection, so grab wine or coffee (but not together, unless that’s your jam) and sit a spell.

Like I said in Part 1, these awards are part of a baby blogger’s welcome into the blogosphere. They are the cup of sugar, the warm cookies, the casserole from your neighbors who have been here a while and are happy to see a new face. When you write a response and visit around the other nominees, you pump up readership (the lifeblood of a blog) and if you’re lucky, you garner some comments (endorphins, gotta have that). However, once that post is done, what next? You’re a newbie blogger in a strange neighborhood, unpacking is daunting and everyone wants their dishes back.

I know it’s a pain to think about what else to write, and with no one to commit to, your ideas tend to collect dust in your Drafts cupboard. I think I may have a solution though, and its name is The Newbie Blog Award.

Newbie Blog Award

Yes, I did just take two other awards and smoosh them together to make a new one. It’s evolution!

This award is more than just a pretty icon to grace your side bar, but more on that later. Let’s get down to the rules first, shall we?

  • Answer the questions set by your nominating blogger
  • Nominate FIVE bloggers who have not yet reached 30 posts on their blog or have less than five months of archived posts
  • Ask six questions of your own for your nominees and your nominator to answer
  • Choose ONE weekly feature to do and stick to it for a month or choose ONE monthly feature to do and stick to it for six months (or do both!)
  • Add your FIVE bloggers to your feed immediately (if you haven’t already done so) and comment on their features
  • Remember to tack it on to your sidebar so you don’t have to do a do-over (unless you want to)

Promoting more interaction as well as whisking away any excuses not to post, always a win in my book. Just to make sure you’re not overwhelmed, at the end of this post are a couple of links to my latest discovery: downloadable blog planners. Who’s raring to go?

Down to the nitty-gritty!

My nominees are:

  1. A Stitch To Scratch – Her blog is drool-worthy, I tell you!
  2. One Hundred Twenty Three Days – The account of a family doing the No Takeout Challenge (I’m rooting for you, guys!)
  3. I Am jOann – Model, dancer and lifestyle blogger = Fantastic
  4. Jiggle On – The everyday ups-and-downs of someone who’s just looking to be more positive, and I’ve just got to support that
  5. A Neurotic Girl Goes To London – And may Caturday live long. Emoticats, gotta love ’em

With a special shout-out to: The Making of Mediocre Meg, Still Life With Grad Student and The Faithful Homesteader.

Question time!:

  1. Where do you see your blog in three years?
  2. If you could buy any theme at all, which one would you pick?
  3. I say ‘dream vacation’, you say…?
  4. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
  5. What are your thoughts on vision boards?
  6. What’s the one thing you hated about college?

Now, as for the features, aside from my challenges’ weekly Monday update, I was thinking of doing Trawl Thursdays. The heck is that, I hear you ask your computer screen. Well, you’ll find out on Thursday, so stay tuned!

And I’m done! It took me two weeks but slow and steady surely sneaks over the finish line! I hope this new award does pep up your blogs. To help that along, here are a few fun things that I’ve found that are absolutely free(!).

  • 2014 Blogging Planner and Calendar at Blog Energizer – It’s been six years, and this planner has just gotten better and more streamlined. There are little prompts at the start of each week if you’re stuck on what to write about, which is a huge help to me.
  • Weekly Blog Planner at That’s Vandy – This is a lovely little gem
  • Month At A Glance at Play. Party. Pin. – Hot pink! Eye-catching color aside, this pretty pack of pages has one focusing on their weekly and monthly topics. There’s also a Daily Blogger Checklist that you shouldn’t miss, and if you’re serious about this blogging business, take a peek at the Monthly Blogger Checklist as well.

Laminating them is a good idea but I’m an extra cheap person, so I’ve printed mine out and put them into clear sleeves instead. I look forward to seeing your answers, so link back to this post and get cracking 🙂


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