Trans30: The Partner Challenge

Remind yourself of your love story- Write down something positive about your partner everyday.

Here's your heart back

Be honest: Have you ever looked at your partner and think “Why’d I marry you in the first place?”

I do. I’m guilty.

It’s not as if I don’t love my husband because I really do, as much as I love any member of my family. It’s just that sometimes everything gets too much and I have to find someone to blame. It’s not the mature thing to do, but hey that’s why I’m doing this challenge!

As part of my new format, the opening of each challenge will deal with three questions:

1) What does it entail?
2) Why am I doing it?
3) What do I hope to learn by the end of four weeks?

Let’s get started!

What does this challenge entail?
Inspired while looking Thoughtbrick’s Hundred 30-Day Challenge Ideas, this particular one really resonated with me when I read it. The premise is simple enough: Write down one good thing about your partner each day for thirty days.

Why am I doing this challenge?
The simple fact is, when my husband does something that I deem annoying, I remember it for days. Pulling his clothes from the bottom of a neatly folded pile. Not hanging up his towel. Playing games on the computer. Whatever it is pops a squat in my brain, gathering one after the other until they reach an uncontainable Magneton-like mass. It leads to some nasty blowouts, and nobody deserves to be guilt-tripped over and over, especially since he’s been trying so hard. It makes me feel like such a horrible wife when I let my negative side get the best of me.

What do I hope to have accomplished by the end of four weeks?
I know my husband’s a great guy and, as a new father, he’s doing pretty well. I’m hoping that being reminded of all his good qualities will help me from focusing on the bad. That way, we can have a more solid foundation as a family.

Wish me luck!

For the original prompt and a full list of Thoughtbrick’s challenges, click here


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