The Newbie Blogger Awards! (Part 2)

Part 2 of my (very very long) acceptance speech for the One Lovely Blog Award and the Liebster Award. If you want, have a gander over at Part 1 to see why on earth I was awarded (still can’t believe it myself).

On to the question and answer portion! The brainy blogger behind Still Life With A Grad Student (or Alex) had these soul-searching queries for me to ponder:

1. Pea-green nail polish, edgy or icky? (Bonus points if you get the reference)

I had to wiki it (Have To Know Everything-itis). Color me (pea-green) interested! As for the actual nail polish, I don’t really wear a lot but I wouldn’t mind that particular shade.

2. Tea or coffee?

I’m partial to instant coffee which, in my country, is just instant mocha with varying levels of kick. If it were up to me though, I would have vats of masala chai with real vanilla pods. You have not lived if you haven’t yet had a proper cup of spice tea.

3. Favourite holiday?

I don’t have one, meep. I’m not much for holidays. I even look upon my birthday with ambivalence. I don’t know why. They seem like so much fun from a distance but I’ve never really gotten into the celebrating groove.

4. List three of your hobbies.

Collecting recipes and Terry Pratchett books, as well as making fanfic crossover plots that I’ll never have time to write. No, wait, I will have time. When my baby’s in college and my fandoms have been forgotten in the mists of time. Ah, motherhood.

5. What’s your favourite genre of music?

I don’t really have one. Recently though, I’ve found out that I like to write to the sound of the USS Voyager idling in the intergalactic garage. Crazy, you say? Have a listen here. Another go-to is piano music, and The Piano Guys just win in every respect.

6. What’s your favourite genre of film?

Comedy, definitely. It’s a very broad spectrum, I know, but I can’t handle movies that are too introspective. I have a tendency to get way depressed so I try and keep a permanent no-go zone between me and a potentially dark, dark abyss. As Heath Ledger’s Joker says: Why (it gotta be) so serious?

7. What was your favourite subject in school?

Engrish, oh yuss. It was the only subject I understood completely with little effort. It’s why I think I’m a good writer 😀

8. Impulse purchasing: Fess up, do you do it?

I used to. I try very hard to resist, and to make sure, I only go out with a small amount of cash. I do carry my debit card with me, but I put it in a creaky new wallet (notorious for tight difficult cardholders) which is in a zippered pocket on one of three organizers that are in one section of my big mommy-appropriate bag SOooo when the impulse monkeys tug on my brain and I begin to reach for my bag, I suddenly realize what a pain in the ass it is to take out my card 😀

9. What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

o.0 How could you make me choose? I would say that it most definitely must have nuts. Aside from that, I really can’t narrow it down: Butter Pecan, Rocky Road, Double Dutch and whatever else. Also, Rum Raisin and Chili Chocolate.

10. On a scale of 1 (not at all) to 10 (very, very much), how much of a procrastinator are you?

I’m a 9.2, maybe? The more I’m pressured to do something, the more I rally against it, especially if it’s my parents trying to make me go and do. So immature I know. I also know it’s much better for me if I sit down and concentrate on just one thing, but somehow I can’t keep my focus on one thing for more than half an hour before  I get distracted. The best I’ve ever done was wrangle myself down to maybe a 3.8, when I was writing Harveste Addams. Two whole weeks to bang out 100,000+ words, running on nothing but coffee and cigarettes. It was my greatest achievement!… and then I got distracted (*le sigh*).

Fun questions, Alex 🙂

Onwards to Part 3!


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