The Newbie Blogger Awards! (Part 1)

I admit it, I’m an absentee blogger. I don’t write as much as I’d like to, and I post about half as much as I write. It was exactly why I joined Blogging 101 in the first place. I had a blast, and finding new friends was never easier (I’m pretty introverted, meep). The course only lasts a month though, so as the end drew nearer, I grew more and more apprehensive. What would I write about afterwards?

So I bail for a few days to try and figure out what a sort of posting schedule would be feasible for a new full-time mom, fully expecting readership to die down and be once more adrift in a sea of nobody-knowing-who-the-heck-I-am. Imagine my surprise when I come back to three (three!!!) notifications that I’ve been gifted with these babies:


Awards?! Are you kidding me? EHMIGERDZASDFGHJKL!

love animated GIF

This was my face for most of the day, for serious 🙂

Many, many thanks to Meg, Alex and Cana (correct me if I’m wrong), a couple of kickass rockstars from the Blogging 101 classroom. If you’re looking for sassy reads, you’ve got to drop by The Making of Mediocre Meg and Still Life With Grad Student (and you’ve got to admit, those blog names are just amazelings). On the other hand, if you’re on the crunchy path or are a wanna-be backyard farmer (like me) Faithful Homesteader should be on your radar.

Now, what on earth are these awards?

Like the obsessive-compulsive I am, I went trawling over the webs and discovered that these awards, in their lengthy and storied rounds through the blogosphere, have evolved from their original forms. The rules and logos have changed but at their core, they are a baby blogger’s welcome basket. It’s a reminder that you’re doing just fine, no matter how many posts you’ve actually published. These awards say: We see you, you awesome writer, tell us more.

The basic rules are these:

  • Thank the blogger/s who have nominated you for the award
  • Share (insert number here) facts about yourself
  • Answer the nominating blogger/s questions
  • Pass it on to (insert number here)
  • Ask your own soul-searching (or not) questions for your nominees to answer

Goodness. In the interest of shortening this potentially long post, I’ve decided to divvy it up into four parts so as to give those questions their own stage. At the very end, I’ll post my own questions and a surprise!

So to start, here’s a link to ten random things about me, something I wrote for my List Challenge. Full disclosure though, I’m pretty darn random, so clicking on any post of mine is guaranteed to give you your daily dose of Vitamin R(andom).

Edit: Part 2 here!


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