Linkage Ahoy!

Linkage Ahead

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During a breather between DVR’d episodes and the feels that come with them, I came to the realization that there are some Blogging101 assignments that I haven’t finished yet. It’s a bit difficult to type a post every day when Houdini is just too darn cute to resist, but still we can’t have unanswered assignments, can we?

Bear with me though, I’ve gone through some coffee and quite a few premium cacao balls (which are the definition of ZOMGDIVINE), so I may be more tangential than usual. But then again, if you’re reading this, you know that by now 🙂

Now, on with the homework!

If your well of inspiration doth run dry, look no further than The Daily Post. A new prompt each day virtually guarantees that you’ll be blogging or writing constantly… that is unless your thoughts fly faster than your fingers can manage, like me, and it’s all too much trouble to remember them all because they were so good and it’s impossible to give them justice. If that’s the case, then our higgeldy-piggeldy ways have no cure and we should just have hot chocolate.

Sept. 30’s prompt (as seen here) was about truth serum. If you were so inclined, the prompt says, who would you administer this Veritaserum truth potion to and what would you ask them? What I’d like to know is: Would you give them the potion? Would you be sneaky about it? How’d you get it? Does the Ministry of Magic your mom know?

I went reading about, as per Day 13 of Blogging101, and I found some interesting points-of-view:

  • I Am jOann – And yes to live octopus, just for the hell of it!
  • Kizzy and Izzy – If you decide not to use sneaky wizard coercion, this is probably why
  • From The Bricks To The Sticks And Back Again – Many of the prompts can be used as a doorway to fictional story-telling. Here’s one juicy story of family drama.
  • Mojowritin’ – Here’s a fairytale twist. I’m so happy I came across this site, I can hardly keep from opening a tab forest right now.
  • A Lot From Lydia – A funny poem, kind of rare that I find one, so now that I have, I’ve got to share it with the world!
  • Still Life With Grad Student – Hypotheses rules the day on this post. Go science!
  • Takeshi’s Flight – I suck terribly at making poems, so that leaves me just staring in awe and wonder at people who can make them seem so effortless, like this one.

And, though they’re not related to the truth serum prompt, I couldn’t resist adding a few other inspirational/awesome posts from:

  • Some Alphabet Soup – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I’m fortunate enough that neither I or my loved ones have never gone through this kind of pain, but if ever that would to happen, this post would be one of my first stops
  • Fill Your Own Glass – Sometimes, we just get those days when we need a reminder to steer away from the cocoa balls. Other days, we need something to remind us that it’s alright when we indulge. Either way, this post is a morale booster

Huzzah for finishing assignments, and also to bringing traffic to sites who deserve it. As a celebratory finale, and a nod to all the other pet lovers out there, have a post from Dana L. Daggett and the seemingly tight-lipped Hobie.

Have a great day!


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