Overachieving: Two Assignments In One Day!

Seems like I unwittingly anticipated yesterday’s assignment and finished it up during the weekend. So today, instead of re-doing my (one) About page (so far) (which I will probably do anyway, because I like fixing and tweaking things until it reaches a nirvana state of procrastination-enabling), I’ll just say how my weekend went in list form (because I love lists!)

Make All The Lists

  1. Yoga Nidra – It’s been a bit tough finding time to do this and corpse pose (Isn’t that a lovely image?) is not very back-friendly for me because I (no sugar-coating) have a big ass. And also my kyphosis, so I don’t really feel like my back is at rest. I’ve tried to support it with pillows but it just feels weird. Today, I tried it with child’s pose, which is more relaxing to me because it gives me a nice stretch along my back while not overly straining it.
  2. Buzzfeed Videos –  If all lessons were like this, I would have started studying long ago. Sure, it’s fun to watch the funny faces and awkward situations in Buzzfeed Violet, but Houdini and I pretty much stick to Buzzfeed Yellow: her for the sounds and voices, me for the science (and also the sounds and voices, coz it gets lonely in this big house)
  3. The Fung Bros – One mis-click and we steered away from Buzzfeed and into YouTuber territory. Usually I don’t really watch these things, but it was a nice distraction. An eye-opener: Their series ‘Things Asian Parents Do’ is totally and completely true. Which led  me down a-
  4. Thought Spiral – That series summed up my parents’ generation, but what about mine? Obviously, because we grew up that way, we want to change it up for our kids. How are the Asian Gen Ys of the world raising their kids? This led to list-making and asking Houdini for advice, wherein she burbled up at me and pooped in her diaper. Thoughts about this, anyone?

And that was the entirety of my weekend! Slightly boring, but we looked for fun and we found it!

Today’s assignment is actually a lot like a school assignment because they’re absolutely right; No one has to look at this whiny grey blog more than I do, so loving the look is sort of a must for me. I think I’ve got a more solid idea now of how I want this blog to look in the future. I know it’ll take some time, but I’m pretty  confident I can get it there.

How’s today’s assignment treating you?



5 thoughts on “Overachieving: Two Assignments In One Day!

  1. The Sugar Peddler says:

    “One mis-click” gotta love it. When I look back at my history for the day I can see my thought patterns. I finished 3 assignments today and the about page racked my brain all day. Now I need to find all my about pages floating around in cyberspace and make them one!


    • Kyaru says:

      Ooo, good luck! I haven’t dropped by your page today yet, but I will, as soon as I finish my new post, yesterday’s assignment and today’s. This Blogging101 really strains the thought-muscles, doesn’t it?

      Liked by 1 person

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