If Changing Your Body Was As Easy As Changing Your WP Theme…

change baby


I would change mine in a heartbeat. Not because of any body image issues that I may have. but because my back is killing me. Not yet three months in and my little Houdini is not so little, or light, anymore. Postural kyphosis and a baby, it’s not a good mix. Carrying her around most of the day affects my posture in a way even I notice, leading my back to become more hunched and my shoulders to curve even more inward. I have to get up quite early and do some serious stretching before I can even think about getting on with my day. But I can’t change my body or buy a back brace yet, so I’ll settle with taking a look at the different Themes WordPress has to offer.

Personally, I plan on adding drawing and memes and such to my posts as time goes on, and it looks quite awkward (to me), so searching for a backup theme is a good idea.

  • Widely – My pre-assignment theme,  it’s  very no muss, no fuss. It’s very appealing if all you want to do is showcase your brilliant word usage, or go quote-y.
  • Sketch – Who doesn’t look at that adorable pre-activation picture and fall in love immediately? I’m dying to use it, though fully utilizing it with cute pictures is a bit far in the future since I don’t know how to draw yet. Like, at all.
  • Zoren – Clean and simple as well, and it utilizes green and greys, which I love. This is a possible maybe soon, when I’m not feeling so tired and researching Yoga Nidra (Why am I doing that? Click here.)
  • Spun – is quite fun! I may play around with it for a while, see what textures and colors I can come up with. There may be a bug or two, but I’m sure I can work it out.


Those are just a few of my picks, but if I tried every theme, I’d be on the computer all day, and that won’t help my kyphosis either. How about you, discover any good themes lately?


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