When Saying ‘Hi’ Is Too Mainstream…


You tell ’em, Liz

Let me just start off with saying I’m not a hipster. Neither am I hippie. What is with the hip anyhow? Is that the greatest, most happening body part? The porn industry would like you to think that it’s the breast or the bum, but apparently it’s not. In any case, I could never be called hip. At best, I am a knee, semi-flexible and not quite afoot. And that, I suppose, is the greatest pun I shall ever make in this lifetime. So even though I may never come up with such awesome wordage again, wanna be friends?

Today’s assignment (or should I say yesterday’s, I’m a day behind) is about creating a sense of community. Thus far into the workshop, I’ve made quite a few acquaintances already and I’d like to take this time out from rambling to give you all a humongous mental hug and some chocolate cake. It’s so nice of you guys to be reading this and I truly look forward to becoming friends.

Having said that, I’ve followed quite a few blogs already (you winners, you) and I’ll definitely be on the look out for more as time goes by. Following doesn’t just mean clicking that life-affirming button; for me, it’s actually going to that blog everyday and reading something regardless of whether there’s a new post or not, as well as starting a conversation by getting up the guts to post a comment. So that’s what I do.

With that being said, I’ll be thinking of what topics I’m going to add to my Reader. Unfortunately, Real Life loves getting in the way. To keep me on track, here’s a list of things to be done today:

  • Get The Laundry Done – So I can finish the tally of all the clothes my husband and I have. A tally, you say, that’s a weird thing to do. Why yes it is. Feel free to ask why.
  • Decide Which Clothes Are Going To The In-Laws’ House – Because ferrying clothes back and forth is honestly a pain in the ass. A PITA, if you will.
  • Clear Out Some Closet Space – In one comment I made, I mentioned that, because I prefer to write down before typing up, I had a case full of notebooks. That is not an exaggeration, as they have taken up a good third of our closet and are making an effort to invade the clothes’ space in defiance of law and order. And now it is half-done, hurrah!
  • Write My Submission for the Pagan Blog Project – Will today be the day? I sure hope so.
  • Wrap Up My ‘List Challenge’ With A Post – Even though I didn’t finish it. Or did I?
  • Figure Out The Other 29 Challenges – I’ve pulled a few a lot from the internet, but I’m open to suggestions. Have any ideas? Update: Researched and written out; I even dedicated a page on the blog to it!
  • Wash My Face – Let me clarify myself lest you think me an uber-gross person who has to actually write that down in order to do it. In an effort to be more than a knee, I’m trying out a new skin care regimen. ‘Trying’ being the operative word. Being hip is hard.
  • Figure Out What Topics I Want To Add – Because it’s quite a good idea, really. But the more I think about it, the more I realize how many blogs I’m actually following on a daily basis, as well as how much fun it is to discover things out of the blue, so this is a maybe/maybe not situation.
  • Give The Baby A Bath – I think it’s the best part of her day, aside from breastfeeding.

And, if after all that, I have time (or do not desire to sleep because the size of my eyebags don’t scare me):

  • Rewrite My Blog Journal Into Bullet Journal Form – If you haven’t heard of this or the Rapid Logging method, please check out bulletjournal.com. It’s only the insanest, simplest, Doh!-inspiring discovery that has happened in the history of notes and I only found out about it yesterday.

Wow, that’s a lot of stuff I have to do today. I’ll be striking each one out as they get done as well as check out any comments because, despite the busyness, I’m just an attention-whore at heart so that I can look back at this day and say “See, I can be productive”. Best get to it!


2 thoughts on “When Saying ‘Hi’ Is Too Mainstream…

  1. Cel Tan says:

    good luck on you “to do” list 😄 i’ve been planning to clean up my walk in closet so i could have a descent background when i start doing makeup tutorials. It’s been a month now, and i haven’t started any 😆 just the thought of it makes me tired already 😁


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