For those who don’t know the meaning of the above word, I say “Congratulations, you’re not a geek” but also “That’s so sad, you’re not a geek”.

Mendokuse is Shikamaru’s favorite word, or at least it was when I was watching the show (if you don’t know what show I’m talking about, please refer to my statements above) and those who were subbing it (not in a BDSM way) always translated it as ‘troublesome’. Not being a native Japanese speaker, I can’t really vouch for that as an accurate translation, but I’ve come to the oft-pondered conclusion that there are some Asian words that can’t be fully explained in the English language. There are connotations and feels associated with those words that can’t be expressed, only experienced.

For example, this recent train of thought came to me while I was in the shower yesterday evening. After a long, hard day of mommying, I was idly sloughing off dead skin cells when I thought “Dead skin cells? Is that all ‘libag’ are?” And try as I might, I just could not find the words, but let me give it the old high school try.

If you’re a Filipino, you get it immediately. You get the sensation I’m talking about, that tacky yet grimy feeling on your skin when the atmosphere just lets all the humidity just hang out and cloy its way into your home. There you are, freshly bathed, smelling fresh, ready to greet the world with your Let’s Get This Work On Face– and then the humidity just wraps itself around you, bringing out that unpleasantly slightly sweat-dampness and attracting every passing dust mote and pollution cloud in the immediate area. You think about taking another shower because you feel gross, but if you did you’d be late, and you can’t be late again because your boss would make That Face and your office pain-in-the-ass would make That Other Face, so fuck it, let’s go out the door. Then comes the public transportation and smog and fecal-smelling wind and other sweat-damp people and armpits, just armpits every where. And of course, you clock in your eight hours and some overtime because of course, then you make your way through a forest of armpits back to the sanctuary of your home and your shower and your loofah. All this time, the dust-coated sweat on your skin has been percolating, drying out, waiting for more sweat brethren to gather more dust and tiny bits of dirt and other unmentionable smells, then drying out again, repeat ad infinitum. And when you’re finally in that shower and you get your loofah on and you see – see – the digustingness (that may look like eraser leavings but nothing so innocent) just rolling off with every rough pass of your scrubber, you feel like the Grime Pit of the Universe and you can’t believe you’ll have to go through all of this shit again tomorrow.

And that, my friends, is the definition of ‘libag’. Grab your Filipino-English dictionary and staple it in there.

Now what does this insanely long intro have to do with today’s Blogging 101 assignment?

Ans: Absolutely nothing whatsoever, except perhaps that it serves to highlight how far a random thought can take me.

The explanation for the title for this blog is much simpler than an impromptu lesson in Filipino. It is thus: Kyaru is a pseudonym I came up with after a fleeting fangirl-induced dedication to two characters in the anime Fruits Basket or Furuba, namely Kyo and Hatsuharu. It was originally KyoHaru but I eventually shortened it to Kyaru and, in 2004,  started posting my hormone-laden fanfiction all over the interwebs here.  The Bunnies stand for plot bunnies, not actual bunny rabbits (I’ve never had one as a pet and I don’t know if I would because I used to cook for a living and rabbit meat is low in fat and a good substitute for chicken. For those up in arms about this, maybe I’ll deal with your feels later). The plot bunny is a fearsome creature that is difficult to predict and almost impossible to tame. It attacks at any time of day or night with a Tyson-esque tenacity until you give in and follow it down the rabbit hole. But beware, this beast is also fickle-minded. If not captured in a timely manner and corralled for taming, it can disappear without a trace, leaving you halfway down a hole you dug yourself into and wondering what the hell just happened. They also spawn like the dickens, another reason for proper corralling, for if care is not taken, you may be left with five or six young plot leverets where there used to be but one- hence the tagline ‘Undergoing metamorphosis’, because keeping up with these unstable idea demons is just so mendokuse.

That’s enough wordage for today. To end, let me leave you with this quote from Temple Grandin-

“I think using animals for food is an ethical thing to do, but we’ve got to do it right.

We’ve got to give those animals a decent life and we’ve got to give them a painless death.

We owe the animal respect.”


4 thoughts on “Mendokuse

  1. Vicky says:

    All I can say is ‘libag’… i hate that shit. I know exactly what your amazingly hilarious definition was talking about, and it is terrible. This definitely made me giggle! Thanks for the laugh, I needed it after the crap – quite literally – I just cleaned up. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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