What Is This All About, I Mean, Really?

There’s just something about purging my closet that really lights a fire in my brain (in a good way, not an icky way). I feel lighter, more inspired. But then again, I’m running on three hours of sleep, some caffeine and the fear that my baby will wake up at any moment before I finish this post, so yes. Adrenaline is good in the morning.

I have been wanting to write this particular post for a while, but procrastination being what it is, this is the first time I’m actually sitting down to hammer it all out. I think it’s great; it makes my blog feel more real somehow, like I’m finally raising the mast on my aimless blog boat and deciding on a horizon. To celebrate, I’ve even picked out a new theme!

So, let’s get down to it. What is this blog going to be about, really, for sure-zies?


As is probably obvious by my first few posts, I’ve recently made an effort to change my life for the better. I’m turning twenty-seven this year and, looking back on my life, I can say that it’s been pretty damn boring. Not to say there hasn’t been some exciting parts, especially considering the start of this year, but on the whole, I didn’t think I’d have so little of life’s stories to tell my daughter. Thus, the Transformative Thirty was born!

I’m pledging to do a thirty-day challenge every month for thirty months. One month down, twenty-nine more to go! If you want to know more, check out this earlier post.

Beauty Subscription Boxes

When it comes to beauty and fashion bloggers, the Philippines can pull its weight. There are so many beautiful, talented Filipina bloggers who have way more experience, hand-eye coordination and brush dexterity than me, and I’m not even going to try to break into that. I am a totally makeup n00b and I honestly admit that, when confronted with a cosmetics counter, my brain just shuts down and gives up. I’m looking at this as a learning experience that I can, in turn, teach my daughter when she grows up because when she comes up to me with an eyeshadow palette, I don’t want my answer to be ‘I have no idea, hun, go ask your grandmother.’

Also, I get damn excited when I get mail. Getting a box in the mail? It’ll be like my birthday every month, w00t!

Pagan Blog Project

Yes, dammit! This year is the start of my learning experience, for real-zies! I want to solidify my belief system, and PBP is a very awesome, low-pressure community with some kick-ass writers and ideas. It’s inspired me to look deeper into my faith and how I want to practice it, even if I am in the ‘broom closet’.

Basically, what I want to do is to figure out…well, everything. Just as a quick example, take a look at the Wheel of the Year. Every n00b pagan or self-studying witch knows about the Wheel of the Year, which is a way of being in tune with the seasons and much more that I can’t really write about here because that would be super long and ugh. In its simplest form, the Wheel is divided into four seasons, which is then further divided into eight celebrations. Four seasons. I’ve never experienced four seasons. I’ve only ever lived alongside the Equator, the weather here is either hot as shit or rainy as shit. That’s it. There’s no ‘turning of the leaves’ because the leaves here stay green until the plant dies of old age or disease. There’s no ‘saying goodbye to the fertility of the earth’ because coconuts and guavas don’t care what time of the year it is. How am I supposed to be in tune with the seasons when what is widely accepted as one of the basics of witchcraft doesn’t ring true for me? (Did I structure that sentence right?)

I can’t be the only one wondering what’s out there for us tropical pagans (Sounds like a fruit shake, doesn’t it? Gotta come up with a better term…) Writing a weekly PBP post just for us equatorial witches (Nope, not that either…) can only help bring more knowledge to light. Plus, it’ll be fun 🙂

And of course, I hope there’ll be posts just for the hell of it, when I’ve got my writing skillz back. It may sound like a broken record, but I haven’t written continuously everyday for a long time. I used to, and it  was magical, so I want to get that back. I’m nothing if not a writer, and hopefully in time, I’ll get back to being a good one.

If you’ve read this far, I must congratulate you and give you cyber hugs! What did you think, did I explain the point of this blog thoroughly (maybe too thoroughly)? Is there anything in particular from those three categories that you’d like to see me write about? Is there a challenge that you’d like me to try *gasp*? I welcome any suggestions (nothing illegal though, coz thirty days of prison isn’t my thing 0.o)

(Title inspired by Terry Pratchett, my favorite author thus far. I’m sure there’s a similar line somewhere in one of his books, but I’ve read so many and so frequently that I can’t even begin to hazard a guess as to which one.)

12 thoughts on “What Is This All About, I Mean, Really?

    • Kyaru says:

      I was just about to readyour entry into Blogging101 when I noticed your comment 🙂

      Thanks so much. 30 Days of New sounds awesome, and I would love to, but there are just too many ideas to choose from. But I’d love to hear about your experience!


  1. Victoria Manning says:

    Hm, I guess when it comes to the Wheel, you would have to spend time outdoors during the different times of year when the weather feels different. The thing is, even if the Earth does not visibly change in your region, the energies within the Earth shift with the turning of the sun and the turning of the planet. I think spending time outdoors, connecting with the energy of your region, will open your senses up to the quite subtle changes in your area 😀 I live in Southern Arizona, US – Northern Hemisphere – and when everyone else is having Autumn show up and they are celebrating Mabon, I am sitting here with thunder and lightning and 16 inches of rain pouring down around me. Sometimes, in the Winter, we get snow – but most of the time the land is ALIVE after the storms of late summer/early autumn, so winter is not dead or bare. It is all about learning to work with the energies around you. I know when the seasons change here – we have like 5, the regular four and then Monsoon. Maybe you only have Monsoon and Summer in your region, that is perfectly fine. What does the energy feel like? I cant wait to read more of your posts, and see where the PBP takes you! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kyaru says:

      I just want to hug your review; you have no idea how much it encouraged me just now! I really do hope to find my balance. I HAVE managed a few times in the past but not for very long since my attention is all over the place, so at least I know what it feels like.

      Again, thanks for the support. Don’t be a stranger!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Vicky says:

        No problem! We need the support of our community, it helps to encourage us to follow through with our plans and not let the bad days make us quit 😀 And don’t worry, I wont be a stranger 😀


  2. miriamwestland says:

    geez, I can’t tell you how many times I wondered if I had enough cool life experiences to share with my kids (had my daughter at 24)… but I can tell you that this 30 month challenge will be perfect for such conversations! I’m also super behind any wiccan practices… so good for the soul. And writing everyday? Best practice ever. Good for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kyaru says:

      Thanks so much! The best thing about doing the Trans30 is that I’ll have documented proof that I did it, so when my daughter says she doesn’t believe me, I can point her to the blog. Even mommies need validation, right?

      Passed by your blog and I LOVED your stories. I could barely tear myself away to fold the laundry. Post more, pleaaaase?


      • miriamwestland says:

        lol, that’s so kind of you. I will try. I experienced some inner conflict with my fictional voice and my non-fiction voice. I’m just coming back up for air after a few days away from the computer and trying to get my bearings… this blogging stuff is constant!!


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