The List Challenge: 10 Random Facts About Yourself

Welcome to the Transformative 30! If you want a little info about what that means and why I’m doing it, here’s a quick mind-blurb.

I’m taking time out from kissing my little Houdini’s face while she sleeps, otherwise I wouldn’t get this post done. It may be a mom’s cliche, but half the time she does look positively cherubic when she sleeps (the other half she’s a bundle of wiggly limbs trying for a better position and/or farting).

It saddens me to think of the future, when she’s all grown up and flown from the nest. Hopefully, when the time comes, we’ll have a strong relationship so I know what’s going on with her even though we’re far from each other. Building that sort of bond comes from knowing the other person inside and out: their moods, their likes and dislikes, their quirks and their moments of insanity.

Hmm, I wonder who’ll have more of those, me or her?

Insanity aside, here are ten random facts about me that I’d like to share with the world!

  1. I love turtles and  frogs
  2. I have a tattoo of a skull on my right hip, and I just recently discovered that it’s the Expendables logo without the raven. I guess that’s the next tat on the list
  3. The tat list includes the anti-demon sigil from Supernatural and the Hydra emblem
  4. I am deathly afraid of roaches
  5. I can only kill a roach when I’ve just woken up. I guess my brain doesn’t really register fear that early
  6. My favorite cereal is Lucky Charms
  7. I discovered makeup when I was 20 and I still don’t know how to put it on
  8. My first digi-perm was a disaster
  9. I’m a newbie survivalist who hasn’t even gotten a first-aid kit together yet
  10. Lebanese shawarma is awesome

That’s as random a list as I can put together. And it only took me all day (the side effects of being a mother). Is there a random fact you’d like to share? What do you think of shawarma? Or Lucky Charms? Comment below!

This challenge was originally posted here.


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