Why do the Transformative 30 Challenge?

Because it seems like fun. Also, I think I need something like this.

I love me a challenge! The only thing better than saying you had the guts to join one is actually getting to say that you made it to the finish. ‘Go and do’, it said, so you went and did. Congratulations, have a bunny.

First off, what is the Transformative 30? It’s 30 months of 30-day challenges, ranging from relatively easy (getting the daily pre-requisite five fruits or veg) to really tough (writing a 50,000-word novel). I’ve gathered ideas from around the web and I plan to work down the list each month for two and a half years.

When I was starting out as a fanfiction writer, prompt challenges were all the rage. They numbered anywhere between a simple seven or an ultimate hundred, but they all had one thing in common: they aimed to inspire. Unfortunately, I was a first-class procrastinator even then, so no matter how many lists or communities I signed up with, I never got around to finishing anything.

After the nth failed deadline, I finally realized what was holding me back. Like a typical teenager, I hated deadlines.

When I think back, I may have been rushing things. I was hardly churning out a piece of fiction weekly, so how was I supposed to make a daily commitment on the off chance that I would be inspired?

Forward ten years later. I’m no longer in the age bracket for a teen, but things are still the same. I’m still looking for inspiration and lack of commitment is still holding me back. I look back on a year of life and I can’t remember what happened. I feel unfulfilled and directionless, and I know I’m not alone.

These challenges are a way of putting some structured fun into my life – that sounds like an oxymoron but as a newbie full-time mom, if it isn’t scheduled, it isn’t happening – and an opportunity to learn all the things that I kept putting off. Doing thirty challenges means my life will change in thirty ways in just two and a half years’ time! When you put it that way, who wouldn’t want to do it?

If there’s anyone who wants to take a big bite out of this challenge with me, then I welcome the company. Let’s see each other at the finish line, February 2017!

There will be bunnies.


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